Overall Rating: 98.48%
Average Rating: 9.85/10

I was pretty nervous when I walked in but everything was routine. Monkey Dong worked like a charm. Thank you SMB for my freedom!
3 different jobs, 3 different labs and only one great result. Monkey bizz is the only choice when it's between you and unemployment line. Money bizz has never failed, follow the instructions and you will be as good as the liquid gold you have strapped to your leg.
Legit. Shit Works.
Does not disappoint. 100% recommend!!!
Yes. It worked, and that's the bottom line. I tried cleaning out the two weeks before my test, but bought the flask as a back up. Day of my test, I was still showing up positive. Enter plan B. I tested it with my own strips and those looked good - everything in the normal range, so I went in. I was hesitant to put my employment in the hands of strangers and some good testimonies, but I didn't have a choice. A few days later - and a bit of anxiety as I ran through the whole scenario in my head, including what I was going to do if I lost the job - I got the good news. I start on Monday. I am thrilled!

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