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Our Customers Say...

My wife and I made a decision at the sperm bank, and the monkey dong gave our insemination process a more intimate touch
Liz Bean
She loves the color, and the leg strap with dong....I can whip it out on demand and give her the golden shower she loves with no worries!
angeofdangle, BestmechanicsRus
This use to be more than sufficient for the demanding woman, but just like a woman...always wants more! She told me last night I was 1-1.5 oz. light with her shower.....

She still loves your product during those wild n crazy nights...just wants more! Any way to get a larger quantity, say 4 - 5 oz? We have tried the dried powder but she says something about it feels weird.
longdongsilver, rustynuts
She loved it
Grey, Aaa
I practice oral on the monkey dong and when I blow real guys I blow like a pro! Practice makes perfect! Thanks to monkey dong! ;)

Big Rob, Tootsie Roll

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