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Please keep this in mind when selecting a shipping method.  While we cannot guarantee on-time delivery on our FedEx packages at this time, we still strongly suggest using our FedEx 2nd-day service as it is still our cheapest method of shipping.  Should your FedEx package NOT arrive at its expected delivery date, no claims can be made for service failure due to the money-back guarantee cancellation.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our Customers Say...

These testimonials are hilarious. Seriously.
This thing looks so real we use it on set when we need frontal nudity and the actor does not feel comfortable showing the real thing. Keep your eyes out you may be looking at a Monkey Dong not a "real dong"
Film Maker
Bruce and I just love the Monkey Dong we fill them up with whip cream and run around the house shooting them at each other
How about The Donkey Dong? It would be a foot long and have a gallon size pouch.
Do you sell the John Holmes edition?

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